Strict Project Management

Your project is ours: Needs One's International Customer Support Team with over 10 years of experience in export business and global plastic injection molding market is fully involved in the process of managing and controlling the project you entrust us to ensure its success.

Best Infrastructure Quality

Being located in Sihwa National Industrial Complex where there are more than 50,000 manufacturing enterprises allows us to maintain the competitive productivity in Tool and Mold making and international trade through the material and human resources we can manage here.


Do you have a heavy workload?

We are able to

Rough machining; grinding, eye-bolt hole drilling
Finish and assembly custom mold bases into its final shape
Deliver completed mold cavities and cores to your location
Produce and install plastic injection molding and tools including inserts and other parts

High-precision molds for the competitive price

We are able to

Produce high-precision mold cavities, cores and inserts for the global plastic industry

Do you need a steel supplier?

We are able to

Provide you customized steel plates: our work include cutting, drilling and delivery of required steel plates to your location